Honeycomb Core

Honeycomb core is a material in which large numbers of hexagon-shaped cells are assembled into a “honeycomb” structure. It was developed as a structural material for aircraft and features light weight and high stiffness, and for these reasons, is widely used in general industrial applications.

SAIC has a 50-year proven track record in the manufacture and sale of this material.

・Light weight ・High stiffness ・Flow rectification ・Sound absorption 
・Large surface area ・Impact absorption 
・Electromagnetic shielding ・Thermal insulation 
・Other (light scattering, surface smoothness, radio wave transmissivity)

Aluminum Honeycomb

Aluminum honeycomb has a lower relative weight compared to other metallic materials and offers excellent corrosion resistance. With its high reliability certified to meet MIL-SPEC standards, this material finds use in numerous cutting-edge fields.

Showcase using aramid honeycomb

Flow rectification application
(open showcase)

Parabolic antenna backup panels

Parabolic antenna back-up panels

Applications:Sandwich panel core material, flow rectification, impact absorption

  • ・Light weight
  • ・Excellent corrosion resistance
  • ・When used as a panel core material, exhibits properties such as high stiffness, smooth flat surface, and light weight
  • ・For honeycomb units, exhibits properties such as flow rectification, light scattering, and impact absorption
  • ・High reliability; certified to meet MIL-SPEC standards

Aramid Honeycomb

Impact-resistant with excellent durability. Widely used, particularly in the aircraft field.

Aircraft cabin interior (galley)

Applications:Aerospace field, transportation equipment, leisure/sporting goods, and others

High density, excellent corrosion and fire resistance (aramid paper having high strength and excellent heat resistance is molded into a honeycomb shape and impregnated with resin).
This product has acquired certification from domestic and international aircraft manufacturers as a material for manufacturing complex, high-performance structural elements by being bonded to a variety of surface materials, including composite materials such as prepregs.

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