SAIC has successfully engineered the Showa Inductive Power Supply (SIPS). SIPS has been in production since 2004 and many units now make our customers systems more efficient.

    The video clip at left is a demonstration of our inductive power supply system. The battery is charged by an inductive power supply. The procedure is:
  1. Bus parks. Parking is assisted by the automatic detection and signaling system. A green light turns on after the detection of the optimal parking location. The battery charge mode is in standby.
  2. The battery charge is started. A yellow light indicated the battery charge period.
  3. The driver switches off the battery charge by hand.
The power charge operation is very easy.
   SIPS Experiment by electric bus

  SAIC's EV(Electric Vehicle) and SIPS EV manufacturing experience is the followings,

  Called "Choro-Q", a one person riding EV was the first manufactured by SAIC (1,000 cars).   Compact EV. A One person riding car, it has cargo area behind the seat.
  Electric van called "e-VAN"   These are electric buses which are in partnerships with Waseda University. SIPS system is integrated in the buses.
  SIPS bus experiment of Toei Transportation(Bureau of Transportation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government). The hexagon of bus left side is the SIPS coil.    

The examples of SIPS coil:
Coil Type Weight(kg) Size(mm) The gap width between coils(mm) Application
 1∼10kW   418∼500   Small EV, robot,...
 30kW  60 1200×1200×33 120 Micro-bus 
60kW  37  847× 847×33  30 Bus, truck,...
150kW 150  902×1854×48 100 The new transport system 
The transmission coil of electric power can also be buried under ground. The transmission coil is located under the gray hexagon area.
The left picture indicates a demonstration of wide gap width between coils. The gap width is 60cm.