Industrial Products

Industrial Products

Honeycomb Core

Honeycomb core is a material in which large numbers of hexagon-shaped cells are assembled into a “honeycomb” structure. It was developed as a structural material for aircraft and features light weight and high stiffness, and for these reasons, is widely used in general industrial applications.
SAIC has a 50-year proven track record in the manufacture and sale of this material.

Honeycomb Panel for Aircraft

Customers can order panels according to their own engineering drawings, or take advantage of our highly skilled engineers to design panels to meet the most stringent requirements.

Honeycomb Panel for Satellite

Our honeycomb panel is using for artificial Satellite.

Aircraft-related Products

SAIC is actively engaged in the development of a wide range of aircraft-related products that makes full use of technologies nurtured over our many years of involvement in aircraft manufacturing.

Refuelers and Service Vehicles

SAIC offers a lineup of lightweight and high rigidity tankers and bulk material trucks manufactured using our fabrication technologies for aluminum products, as well as tank trucks optimized for loading, including stainless steel tankers.

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