CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Showa Aircraft Group Environmental Vision

The goal of the Showa Aircraft Group is to realize a sustainable society through the following initiatives, recognizing that society is demanding that the important issue of preserving the global environment be addressed.

(1)We will provide safe and secure products and services with minimal environmental impact by conserving resources, recycling and other measures.
(2)In addition to working to prevent pollution, we will strive to coexist in harmony with nature through urban development that makes use of the rich natural environment along the Tama River.
(3)We will help to prevent global warming by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
(4)We will put into practice activities to preserve and protect the environment on an ongoing basis in order to familiarize employees of the Showa Aircraft Group with the Group’s environmental vision and ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations.
(5)We will publicize the Showa Air Group Environmental Vision both within the company and to the general public.


At our Akishima Plant, the Showa Aircraft Group continues to reduce the environmental impacts of its business activities under the international ISO 14001 standard (certification acquired in January 2001).

■ISO 14001 Applicable Scope

  • Design, development, manufacture and service (repair, etc.) of aircraft equipment, aircraft support equipment, airframe components, aerospace equipment systems, specialty vehicles, and aviation refueling and service equipment
  • Design, development and manufacture of composite materials
  • Design, development and manufacture of nursing-care assistive devices and rehabilitation equipment (nursing care bathing equipment and the like.)

Environmental Policy, Akishima Plant, Showa Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd.

1.We will promote resource conservation, energy efficiency and waste reduction in production activities for lightweight structural products, transportation equipment, assistive devices, aerospace products, etc., and will work to preserve the rich and verdant natural environment along the Tama River.
2.We will put into practice an environmental management system and will undertake continual improvements to reduce environmental impacts, prevent global warming, and prevent environmental pollution, including using sustainable resources.
3.We will comply with environmental laws and regulations of national and local governments as well as other demands to which we have acceded.
4.We will establish and continuously review concrete objectives and targets based on this policy and on an ongoing assessment of environmental impacts from our production activities.
5.We will strive to ensure that all employees are familiar with this policy and will continuously implement activities to preserve and protect the environment.
6.We will publicize this policy both inside and outside the company.

Measures to Counter Global Warming

Our global warming action plan is based on Article 6 of the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on Environmental Preservation.

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