Management Policy

Showa Aircraft's solid technology developed and built through its long experience

Showa Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1937 with the ambitious objective of building the latest aircraft model. By the end of World War II, over 800 planes, including Douglas DC-3 transport planes, were built by the Company. After the war, the Company undertook the repairing of U.S. military planes, and took part in the development of the first domestic passenger plane, YS-11. The Company has continued in the "airplane"-related business for over 60 years.

The launching ceremony of the first DC-3 Model built at Showa's yard

The launching ceremony of the first DC-3 Model built at Showa's yard

  Today, advanced techniques developed during aircraft manufacturing are being applied to several other of our versatile products. These include aluminum tank trucks which utilize our aluminum welding technique, aircraft refueling trucks that command No.1 domestic share of the market, various components of aircraft fuselage and airborne equipment, honeycomb core and other products for the field of transportation vehicle and equipment. Besides the manufacturing business, the Company is engaged in redeveloping its vast company lands in Akishima City, where its main factory is located.
  With our traditional spirit of tackling new challenges since the foundation, the Company is actively pursuing these businesses.

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To date, the Company has been reinforcing its Technical Development Division to meet the diversified needs of society. The acquisition of Boeing's qualification for Showa Aramid Honeycomb and the high-performance bulk truck developed by the Company based on the technical licensing agreement with Spitzer (Germany) are a few examples of our R & D successes. Led by the technical development center, we will continue our R & D activities to meet the needs of the next generation.

Human Resources

Our business creeds are: "Securing the permanence of the Company's existence", "Creation of goals worth working for" and "Contribution to Society". These three creeds contain the common concept of "personnel." We at Showa Aircraft feel that both our personnel and our company are members of the socio-economical organization comprising the regional society. Our traditional corporate culture of placing a high priority on personnel provides a family-like environment in the Company where smooth communication is feasible, and personnel are able to voice their opinions freely. Personnel systems, such as the "suggestion box system" and the "application for post" system, motivate personnel and facilitate high morale among our people. The Company will continue to reinforce its education/training system for personnel development in order to tap the full potential of the individual ability of each employee.