Corporate Information

Corporate Profile

An overview of SAIC and its business activities.


A brief history of the company since our founding in 1937.

Message from the Executives

A brief message from SAIC Executives.

List of board member

An introduction of board members for SAIC.

Management Policy

Brief explanation of management policies, focusing on current status and future outlook, as well our staff personnel.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

The SAIC CSR report and plans to counter global warming and protect the environment.

Quality and Environmental Policy

Quality policy and environmental policy by SAIC. Obtained certifications

Financial Information

You can download or go to our Annual Report page by clicking here.

SHOWA Group Companies

We are pleased to introduce our affiliated companies.

Home Office/Factory/Sales Offices

Roster of the Home Office, factories, and sales offices, as well as maps of the area around the Home Office and the Akishima Factory.

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