1937 June Founded with a capital of \30 million
1938 Mar. Manufacturing of aircraft started
1955 June Manufacturing of special purpose vehicles (refueling truck, special trailer, etc.) started
1960 Jan. Technical licensing agreement signed with Hexcel Corp. (U.S.A.) to manufacture metal honeycomb core
1960 Dec. Manufacturing of large-sized trucks started (for orders from Hino Motors, Ltd.)
1961 Oct. Company' shares listed in the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
1967 Feb. Technical licensing agreement signed with Spitzer Silo Fahrzeugwerke GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) for bulk trucks
1969 Aug. Derequisition by U.S. Air Force of the Company’s former airport area ; turned into an 18 hole/ par 72 public golf course
1978 Apr. Narita Service Factory opened
1981 June Aramid honeycomb manufacturing started
1982 Jan. Boeing qualification obtained for SAH (Showa Aramid Honeycomb) cores
1984 Apr. Large shopping mall "MORI TOWN" opened to the north of Akishima station
1991 Apr. Seattle liaison office opened in Seattle, U.S.A.
1993 July Showa-no-Mori 1st Parking Garage opened to the north of Akishima Station
1993 Nov. Fitness Club "Forus" opened
1994 Feb. Technical Center Building constructed
1997 Apr. Showa Aircraft U.S.A. Inc. founded
1998 July Aerospace Equipment Division acquired ISO 9001 certification
1998 Nov. Urban resort hotel "Forest Inn SHOWAKAN" opened
1999 July Special Purpose Vehicle Division acquired ISO 9001 certification
2001 Jan. Akishima Factory acquired ISO14001 certification
2004 Oct. Mori Town with expanded floor space reopened
2004 Nov. CAINZ HOME opened at Akishima
2005 Sept. Harley Davidson Showa-no-Mori opened
2006 Mar. Cinema complex / amusement arcade / restaurants opened
2006 Aug. LIXIL showroom constructed to the north of Akishima Station
2006 Sept. IHI Akishima Building constructed to the north of Akishima Station
2006 Nov. Toys"R"Us and Sports Depo opened in Mori Town
2007 Feb. Tokyo Toyota Showa-no-Mori opened
2008 June New MEU (Most Efficiency Unit) trailers developed
2008 Aug. Short-length 24kl trailers developed
Showa-no-Mori Golf Course started using electric golf carts
2010 Mar. New commercial facilities (electronics retail store, etc.) opened in Showa- no-Mori forest town
2012 Nov. Foster Electric Company Headquarters and SHUNSAIDELI Akishima Building constructed
2015 Mar. MORIPARK Outdoor Village opened

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