Quality and Environmental Policy

JIS Q 9001

SAIC obtained the first JIS Q 9001 for Aircraft-related products in July 1998, followed by Tank truck-related products in July 1999, and Honeycomb and Composite Material-related products in July 2001.
Also, SAIC acuired JIS Q 9001: 2015 (ISO9001: 2015) in July 2018.

JIS Q 9100

SAIC obtained the first aerospace quality management system JIS Q 9100 certification in September 2003 for Aircraft Structual Components, Maintenance Support Equipments, Aircraft Equipments, Honeycomb Core, Honeycomb Sandwich Construction and Composite Components for Aerospace.
Also, SAIC acuired JIS Q 9100: 2016 in July 2018.
In December 2019, Showa Aircraft Industry Philippines Inc., our subsidiary, was added to the scope of the certification as Associated Organization.


SAIC has been certified by NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) since 2006.

■ Composites Initial certified in May 2006.

■ Non Destructive Testing Initial certified in April 2006.

Approach to Quality Improvement

SAIC has set a quality policy and provides products and services that meet customers' needs, while working to ensure safety and reliability by effectively operating a quality management system (QMS) based on JIS Q 9001/9100.

Quality Policy

We achieve our sustainable development and contribution to society
by providing products that earn customer trust and satisfaction.


1.Provide products and services that meet customer requirements, legal and regulatory requirements, and work to improve customer satisfaction.
2.We comply with laws and regulations and internal rules based on our management philosophy, corporate behavior charter, and quality manual.
3.Top management and all employees actively plan and execute the QMS to achieve the objectives and targets of the QMS.
4.Continuously improve the effectiveness of QMS through the PDCA cycle according to the changing society (business environment) and customer needs.


SAIC is continuously reducing the environmental impact of its business activities at the Akishima Factory based on the international standard ISO 14001 (Initial certified in January 2001).

■Scope of ISO14001

SAIC Akishima Factory Environmental Policy

1.We will promote resource conservation, energy efficiency and waste reduction in production activities for lightweight structural products, transportation equipment, assistive devices, aerospace products, etc., and will work to preserve the rich and verdant natural environment along the Tama River.
2.We will put into practice an environmental management system and will undertake continual improvements to reduce environmental impacts, prevent global warming, and prevent environmental pollution, including using sustainable resources.
3.We will comply with environmental laws and regulations of national and local governments as well as other demands to which we have acceded.
4.We will establish and continuously review concrete objectives and targets based on this policy and on an ongoing assessment of environmental impacts from our production activities.
5.We will strive to ensure that all employees are familiar with this policy and will continuously implement activities to preserve and protect the environment.
6.We will publicize this policy both inside and outside the company.

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