Message from the Presient

President's Message

Showa Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd., was established in 1937 to manufacture commercial aircraft in Japan, and now looks back over an 80-year history.

Today, we continue to make full use of the technologies and experience developed through aircraft manufacturing to manufacture transportation equipment in Akishima City, Tokyo, on a verdant company-owned site (132+ hectares). In addition, we operate sports facilities for golf and tennis, as well as hotels and shopping centers, and are also expanding into real estate leasing for warehouse space and commercial shopping areas.

We believe that our mission is to continue to exist as a company to be able to make meaningful contributions to society as well as to serve our customers. We pledge this commitment to society with these ideas as our corporate philosophy.

Going forward, we will strive to proactively develop our business with the aim of contributing to human society, with manufacturing and the real estate industry as our core businesses.

We look forward to your continued encouragement
and support of our company.
Chiaki Tanuma, President and CEO

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