Group Companies

Urban Resorts Showa-no-Mori Co.,Ltd.

4017-3 Haijima-machi, Akishima, Tokyo

Management of hotels, golf courses and sports center
Forest Inn Showakan (Okura Hotels & Resorts)

Hotel S & S Mori Town

Fitness Club Forus

Showa-no-Mori Total Service Co.,Ltd.

562-1 Tanaka-cho, Akishima, Tokyo

Tenant Management
Mori Town Suburban Shopping Mall
Mori Park Outdoor Village

Showa Aircraft Techno Service Co.,Ltd.

600 Tanaka-cho, Akishima, Tokyo

Repair, maintenance and legal inspection of automobiles

Showa-no-Mori Area Service Co.,Ltd.

562-8 Tanaka-cho, Akishima, Tokyo

Insurance agency; lease and sale of assistive equipment for nursing care, rehabilitation, etc.

Harley-Davidson Showa-no-Mori Co.,Ltd.

584-14 Tanaka-cho, Akishima, Tokyo

Sales of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and accessories


16-1 tukiji6-chome, chuo-ku, Tokyo

Sales of fireplaces, stoves, saunas, steam baths, bed baths, assistive appliances, etc.

Showa Aircraft USA, Inc.

8620 154th Ave NE, Suite 140 Redmond, Washington 98052

Local representation, FAA-PMA activities and certification administration

Showa Aircraft Industry Philippines Inc.

Unit 25C, Philexcel Business Park, M.A. Roxas Highway,
Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines 2023

Manufacture and sales of honeycomb sandwich panels for aerospace applications and related honeycomb products

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