Management Policy

Corporate Philosophy

In June 2007, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of our founding, we looked ahead to the next ten years and even beyond to our 100th anniversary and, in order to further evolve and expand in a spirited and enduring way, decided to change our business philosophy up to that point. Accordingly, we adopted a more concrete, simpler form of corporate philosophy consisting of Our Mission, Business Attitude, and Code of Conduct.
Under this philosophy, all employees have joined forces with a common awareness, and together, we are moving forward toward achieving our goals.

Our Mission

Contribute to creating a prosperous society and rich culture of life using the accumulated technologies and the land we possess.

Business Attitude

Provide environmentally friendly products and services in response to the constantly changing needs of society and our customers.

Code of Conduct

  • We will continually improve ourselves and maximize our skills and abilities.
  • We will act with self-awareness as involved individuals and with a sense of responsibility.
  • We will always act with awareness of the need for change.
  • We value teamwork.
  • We will act in accordance with the rules.
  • We will act responsibly as professionals.
  • We will act flexibly and rapidly in response to change.

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